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Capturing timeless love stories in Hawaii & beyond

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We're Shelly & Max and we are thrilled you are here!!!

We eloped & it was truly everything

Eloping isn't just about the epic adventure, it is about celebrating the love that you share, intimately... Just the two of you.

That's us

We are here to help you craft the perfect day with photos to remember how incredible it all was.

How we see it,

A day free from obligation and stress. One where you two are at the center of it all and you're free to live it out exactly as you dream it.  

An Unforgettable Adventure...


A Few Of Our Favorite 2022 Adventures

Whether you're looking for Tradition or Adventure - Or a bit of both, we can't wait to tell your story!

How We Help

We care about your story. We believe it's important to provide our couples with the best information we can on how to make your elopement or wedding as unique and beautiful  as you are.

Deciding on your ideal day?
Ask the exports! 

We didn't just elope once... We basically did it twice! And we'd love to share the small list of our must haves;

  • The Locations: Here in Hawaii, you truly can't go wrong. Every island is incredibly unique. It all depends on your vision. *We love to help with this!

  • The Photos: Knowing that every moment that matters is captured in a way that is true to you means everything. 

  • The Company: For us, we wanted to feel completely comfortable with our photographers and officiant. Being in a setting that makes you feel like you can be YOU makes it all that much better. 


"Working with Shelly was a dream come true! She took our wedding photos in Hilo with her husband Max filming drone footage. She was so wonderful to work with and was so accommodating of all my wants and needs! She came prepared with inspiration and we were ready to do any of the poses she suggested. During our beach photo shoot, she even stepped in the water to get us action shots! Even though my husband and I have quite a height difference, she was able to frame the photos with both of us in there perfectly! She even adjusted my hair after we had a photo lying down in the grass. All in all, she was absolutely wonderful and the tone and atmosphere of her photos were exactly what I was looking for! I would HIGHLY suggest you book with Shelly!!"

- Suzy & Duncan, Big Island Elopement Couple

We would truly love to be a part of it!
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